Announcements are entries to the Daily Log that can span for multiple days, and have several different alert styles.

Create an announcement

  1. Click on the Announcement link in the Create New section in the left side of the page
  2. Choose the alert style for your announcement. Admins can select from additional announcement styles. Managers will only see the basic style.
  3. Create the announcement, set the length you would like the announcement to show up, and choose the location(s)
  4. Click the Save button and the next time someone on your team signs in to ShiftNote, they should see the alert.

To delete an announcement, you can do so in the admin area if you have access.

Announcement Styles

Basic Announcement: The announcement will show up as a post on the Daily Log under the category heading “Announcements” for the time span in which you activate it.

Banner Announcement: The announcement will show like above, but also show in a yellow banner that stretches across the top of the Daily Log page.


Popup Announcement: The the basic announcement will show during the time span for which you activate it. A popup window will also show your announcement the first time a user logs into your account. They have to acknowledge that they read the announcement before moving on in ShiftNote.