Billing Portal - 3rd Party Cookie FAQ

ShiftNote uses a 3rd party software, Fusebill, for our billing system. This means we use 3rd party cookies for security and verification when you access the billing portal in your Admin area.

By default, Safari disallows third party cookies (which could cause issues when trying to access your Billing Portal).

Here are some options to use ShiftNote's billing portal:

  • Use another browser, such as chrome or firefox, to login to your ShiftNote account
  • Enable 3rd party cookies within Safari by unchecking "prevent cross-site tracking"
  • Request direct access to the billing portal. We can send you a username and password to a separate site, outside of your ShiftNote account, that would allow you to access all your billing information directly without using 3rd party cookies. This is a great solution for Mac users or for adding a bookkeeper to pay bills but not have access to ShiftNote. 

To update your billing groups or billing frequency contact