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This is where you can enter scheduled events such as meetings, training session, large parties, etc.


Calendar Walk Through

  1. Events can be added by clicking on the date in the calenter or Event in the left menu
  2. All recurring events will have the recurring icon Calculator refresh
  3. All events with an attachment will have the attachment icon Attach
  4. Hovering over events will display the event details
  5. All day events will not have a time
  6. Once an event is added, it will also show up on the Daily Log on the day the event occurs
  7. On the top right of the screen you can choose from 3 Views: Day, Week, and Month

Adding an Event

  1. Click on Event in the left menu
  2. Enter info into fields and press Save
  3. All events will show up in your calendar

To view information on changing the calendar categories and color labels, click here.