Cash Count

The cash count features an area in the Daily Log to keep record of your cash drawers for each shift.

By default, there are fields for AM, MID and PM counts.
(These can be changed by contacting

When entering in the cash count, a witness is required. The witness can enter in their ShiftNote password, or if the witness does not have a ShiftNote account, they can enter their name and mother’s maiden name for confirmation. The section will lock after a cash count has been entered and witnessed, and a section will be marked in red if the cash count is over or short. The Cash Count feature is turned off by default, but you can activate it in the Admin area of your account.


To activate Cash Count

  1. To activate Cash Count on the Daily Log, you must be a Company Admin.
  2. Go to the Admin section of ShiftNote
  3. Click the locations section
  4. Choose the location you wish to enable Cash Count
  5. Click the Features tab
  6. Select the Cash Count check box under Add-On Features

Cash Count in more detail

  1. We can customize this section so you can count your cash just about any way you want.  The layout needs to stay in two columns and follow the format that exists (count loose money on left, enter total amounts for drawers on right).  Also if you don’t need all three sections or you need more than three we can modify that too.
  2. The Approved Bank Amt is set from the Admin area under the location in which you are looking to set it for. Then there is a text box called “Approved Bank Amount”.  If you set the amount there, it cannot be changed on the Daily Log page. If you don’t set it, the amount can be added to the Cash Count on the Daily Log.
  3. The Total Receipts is pulled from the Petty Cash section.  So whatever Petty Cash receipts that you have entered into the Petty Cash section will show here.  This will be a running total until you clear the Petty Cash Receipts.  If you turn off the Petty Cash feature, the amount will always be 0.
  4. The Actual Cash OH is a sum of all the fields in the cash count, and it is subtracted from the Approved Bank Amt which is what gives you the Cash Over/Short.