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Daily Checklist

Daily Checklist help keep you and your team on task. ShiftNote's Checklist System was developed to help with shift planning, maximize your teams efficiency and drive results throughout your organization.

You can create an unlimited number of checklist and they will be displayed in the daily log just below your weather.

Creating a Checklist

To access Checklist: Login to ShiftNote > Click Admin (right hand corner) > Click Checklist (yellow nav bar)
Managers Logbook New Checklist
  • Click Actions then Add New Checklist
  • Enter Checklist Name and click Submit
  • Click Add New Record at top of the checklist
  • Enter the Checklist Item in the name box
  • Text Field (if checked allows you to add text to this item in the checklist)
  • Click Update
  • To Re-arrange an item: click the up or down arrow located in the far right column
  • When checklist is complete click Save Checklist

To add a sub item:

Managers Logbook Checklist Sub Item
  • Click Sub Item located right of the Checklist Item
  • Enter the text you would like to appear as a sub item
  • Click update
  • When checklist is complete click Save Checklist

To add to multiple locations:

Managers Logbook Checklist Add Location
  • Select Actions in the upper right hand corner next to checklist name
  • Click Manage Locations
  • Click the dialog box and choose the location to add from the drop down box
  • Click Close and then Save Checklist