Daily Log Best Practices

When used properly, the ShiftNote Daily Log can be an extremely effective communication tool for your team.

Before each shift, it is good practice to log in to ShiftNote and read up on everything that occurred since the last time you worked, and address any issues that might need your attention.

After your shift, again log in to your ShiftNote account, and this time document anything that occurred during your shift that you think is important to the team. Adding entries to the Daily Log in ShiftNote is similar to adding them in a paper logbook. Just find the category that best describes what the entry will be about, and click to start entering content.

Some examples of things to write about in ShiftNote include:

  • Personnel issues
  • Guest Feedback
  • Promotions or new marketing initiatives
  • Maintenance and Repair Issues
  • Inventory that you may have run out of, or have just ordered more of
  • Issues that occurred during your shift, or ideas to make the next shift run smoother

It is important to leave enough detail with each entry so that someone else who reads the posts can get a clear picture of what happened without asking for further information.

daily log example

Anything that you write in ShiftNote can be discoverable for legal purposes, so it is important to follow a few guidelines.

  • Stick to the facts; don’t add emotion or personal opinions.
  • Do not use nick names in your entries, make sure to clearly state whom the entry involves.
  • Do not document medical information of any kind. It is important to protect the confidential nature of any illness an employee may or may not have.
  • Do not label guests or employees using any of the Federally Protected Classes including race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, or age. This is important in the event of a discrimination claim.
  • And finally, the ShiftNote Daily Log is not the place for a casual conversation. Use the messaging system, or email for non business matters.

If you follow these simple guidelines, and write clear and effective entries on the details of what occurred during your shifts, then you should find ShiftNote to be an amazing tool to help make your life much easier!