Deposit Drop

The Deposit Drop feature provides a place to record deposits for each day on the Daily Log.

You can enter a deposit amount and click Save, then someone can witness/verify the amount. The Deposit Drop feature is turned off by default. You can activate it in the Admin section.


Activate the Deposit Drop

  1. To activate the Deposit Drop on the Daily Log, you must be a Company Admin.
  2. Go to the Admin section of ShiftNote
  3. Click the Locations section
  4. Choose the location you wish to enable Deposit Drop
  5. Click the Features tab
  6. Select the Deposit Drop check box under Add-On Features

Deposit Drop in more detail

  1. Enter deposit drops.
  2. The deposit is required to be witnessed. There are two versions of this:
    1.  One it has to be witnessed at the time of the deposit being entered (default version)
    2.  Delayed witness – They can enter the deposit without it being witnessed, but there will be a verify link which will allow someone to verify it after the fact.
  3. The Deposit Drop feature has a short 10 minute window where a deposit can be deleted.