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The Forecaster feature provides a place to add sales and labor budgets for future date(s) one week at a time.

Your data will automatically be pushed to all your schedules during the corresponding time periods, as well as, displaying these numbers on your Daily Log Stats area.

The Forecaster works independently of ShiftNote Scheduler, making it easy for you to add a week’s worth of data to your Daily Log Stats.

The Forecaster feature is turned off by default. You will need to activate the Forecaster to utilize the feature.

Activate the Forecaster

  1. To activate the Forecaster Tool, you must be a Company Admin.
  2. Go to the Admin section of ShiftNote
  3. Click the Locations section
  4. Choose the location you wish to enable the Forecaster feature on
  5. Click the Features tab
  6. Select the Forecaster check box under Add-On Features

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Forecaster Customization Instructions, click here.