How do I access my data after I leave ShiftNote?

If your account is paid in full when you cancel your service, you can request your data to be exported to a .csv file with a written request.

We understand that situations may lead you to cancel your ShiftNote service. To ensure you're well-informed about the process and your options post-cancellation, we've outlined key points based on our Terms of Service agreement.

Data Export to CSV File: Upon your written request and provided that all outstanding fees are paid, we can facilitate an export of your ShiftNote data to a CSV file within 30 days post-cancellation. This format is compatible with various spreadsheet applications, like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, enabling easy offline data analysis.

Data Retention and Deletion: Post-termination, we will retain your data for 30 days during which you can request a data export. After this period, unless legally prohibited, we are not obligated to maintain or provide any customer data and may delete all data in our systems or under our control.

Important Considerations:

  • Make sure to request your data export within the 30-day post-termination window.
  • Data security remains a priority, and all data exports will follow stringent security measures.
  • For free trial users, remember to remove all customer data before the trial period ends. Any remaining data will be removed immediately upon trial expiration unless you transition to a paid subscription.

Need Assistance? Our support team is here to help with any queries or concerns regarding account access, data export, or understanding post-cancellation obligations. Feel free to reach out for personalized assistance.