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ShiftNote’s Messaging System is your internal email system. It has all of the capabilities you have come to look for in an email service. Additional features, such as being able to see who has read your messages, are also extremely useful.

To Create a New Message

  1. Click Message in left menu.
  2. Pop-Up window will appear.
  3. Filter the level you would like the message to go out to.
  4. Choose Users
  5. Type in the subject
  6. Mark the priority level (i.e. ‘Urgent’)
  7. Add an attachment
  8. Type the body of the message and then hit “Send” in the top left corner

View Messages

  1. New Messages show up in left menu.
  2. Simply click Messages (new) to show expanded message view.
  3. Expanded view allows you to reply and forward messages.

See who has read your messages

  1. Click Messages icon in the top menu
  2. Click on the Sent Tab in the upper left hand corner
  3. Click on the sent message
  4. If the message has only been sent to one person, you should see a Read under the persons name.
  5. If the message has been sent to more then on person, the To: line will be a link.
  6. Click on the names link in the To: line in the right panel
  7. Pop up will show you who has or has not yet read your message