Petty Cash

If you enable the Petty Cash feature for a location, there will be a spot on the Daily Log to record petty cash usage.

If a reimbursement check number is entered, the report will be cleared. There is a View/Print Report link below the entry fields to see all petty cash transactions. Petty Cash is turned off by default. You can activate it in the Admin section.


Activate Petty Cash

  1. To activate Petty Cash on the Daily Log, you must be a Company Admin.
  2. Go to the Admin section of ShiftNote
  3. Click the Locations section
  4. Choose the location you wish to enable Petty Cash
  5. Click the Features tab
  6. Select the Petty Cash check box under Add-On Features

Petty Cash in more detail

  1. This is where you enter Petty Cash purchases and Petty Cash reimbursements.
  2. For it to be counted as a reimbursement you must enter a PC Reimbursement Chk#.
  3. The running total is added to the Cash Counts under Total Receipts.  (Total is zeroed out once you enter a reimbursement check.)
  4. You have a report that will show all the Petty Cash receipts.