V3 Scheduler Setup Guide

Before you can begin creating schedules, you'll need to setup a few things first. Follow this guide to get setup correctly.


Step 1: Adding Employees

Go to Settings > Locations > Edit the Location you'd like to add a User to.
From there, go to Staff and then Add New.


Step 2: Time Periods

Time periods are used to help organize and label shifts. For instance, you might have a time period named "AM" for morning shifts to fall under. 

From the Scheduler, click Settings.

Then go to More Actions and click Time Periods.


Click Add New to create a new Time Period.


Step 3: Adding Positions 

Go to Settings and choose Company. Click More Actions and go to Concepts. 
Edit the Concept you'd like to add positions to. Click Add Position.


To assign positions to employees:

Go to Settings and choose LocationsEdit the Location in question.
Then go to Staff and Edit an employee. You can assign Positions, Availability, Time Off, and Certifications from here.



Step 4: Shifts

The shifts you create will be used to build the schedule later on. You'll be able to drag and drop them on the days that you'd like - so make sure to set them up correctly!

From the Scheduler, click Settings


Then go to Shifts


Click Add New


Fill in the shift details and click Create to finish



Step 5: Building the Schedule

Watch this quick tutorial on how to use the Scheduler:

Once you publish a schedule, employees will be notified via email or text (depending on their notification settings). They'll then be able to login into their account and view the schedule anytime!

Check out this article to learn about approving dropped and swapped shifts

Employee View of a Published Schedule

Here's what employees will see:

Employees have the ability to release or swap a shift. After another employee picks it up - it needs manager approval to be accepted. Employees are responsible for their original shifts until a manager accepts the change.