Customizing and Entering Stats

There's a designated area in your Daily Log Book for collecting stats that will help you track the operations of your business.

This area is very customizable, and you can keep track of the specific items that matter most to your business.


Customize your stats

  1. To add, edit, or remove stats from the daily log, go to the Admin section
  2. Click the Locations section and the location you wish to update the stats for
  3. Click the Stat Settings tab
  4. Here you can add your own Stat Headings, or use the existing ones. You can also create custom input fields for data entry and create custom calculations you would like to have happen automatically each day.
  5. You can choose to have the stats tally automatically via a time period selected, such as Week to date
  6. If you need help setting up your custom calculations, just shoot us a note and we’ll help you get things just right.

Entering stats

  1. There should be a section at the top left of the screen in which you can enter the data for the day
  2. Enter the appropriate data and click save