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Toast POS Integration

For more information on how Toast integration works, checkout this article.

Step-by-Step instructions for ShiftNote Toast POS integration

  1. Define exactly what you want to pull from your POS into ShiftNote. To ensure we're pulling the correct numbers and calculating your metrics correctly we require a 30 minute discovery call with a ShiftNote Specialist. During this online screen share meeting, we'll review daily sales reports from Toast and any other sales tracking spreadsheets you're currently using to track KPIs.

Pricing for Toast POS integration with ShiftNote

  • $94 per month, per location (Daily Log Book and Scheduler Included)
  • One time setup fee of $300 per location for 4 or less units. After your 4th location, the set up fee drops to $50 per each additional location. 

We provide a 60 day implementation period allowing you to make changes as much as needed to give you exactly what you want and need. After the 60 day implementation period all changes will be subject to setup fees. Typically these fees are $300 or less, but are dependent on the size and scope of the change requests.

What to expect from ShiftNote Toast POST integration

ShiftNote syncs with your Toast numbers and displays them on your ShiftNote Daily Log. We can compare actual to forecasted numbers and use Toast numbers within stat calculations. ShiftNote does not push numbers back to Toast. Common numbers we pull for ShiftNote reporting are: Sales, Labor, and Guest Counts. But we are not limited by these examples. We can track almost anything!

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