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Daily Log Book

Keeping everyone up to date and on the same page is crucial when it comes to the success of your business. Our Daily Log Book helps you track operations, personnel, company announcements, the financial status of your business, and more.

Before every shift, it's best practice to check the Daily Log in ShiftForce to catch up on everything that occurred since the last time you worked and address any issues that may need attention. After your shift, you can add any shift notes to the Daily Log to notify other employees. Leaving detailed, thorough notes is important as it helps other employees who are reading the posts to gain a clear understanding of what happened without asking for additional information.


Examples of Daily Log Notes items:

  • Personnel updates and issues.
  • Guest feedback.
  • Promotions or marketing initiatives.
  • Maintenance or repair issues.
  • Inventory that is low or was just ordered.

Daily Log Best Practices:

  • Stick to facts - don't add emotion or personal opinions.
  • Don't use nicknames - make sure you clearly state whom the entry is about.
  • Don't document medical information - confidentiality is important!
  • Do not label guests or employees using any of the Federally Protected Classes.
  • The Daily Log is not a conversation piece. It's for keeping shift to shift updates and notes.


Initial Setup

Element 1: Add or Edit Access Roles

Settings > Company > Access Roles


Element 2: Add Employees

Settings > Locations > Select Location > Staff > Add New / Select



Element 3: Add or Edit Categories

Settings > Locations > Select Location > Edit > Categories

Daily log, rearrange anything already there, add new under settings, locations, categories

Everyone can view log notes, depending on the access roles you set, only certain employees can add notes


If at any point you have questions or need assistance, we're here to help!

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