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Getting Started with ShiftForce Scheduler

Sonesta ShiftForce Scheduler Setup Guide 

Sonesta requires you to use ShiftForce to post employee schedules. The system is designed to offer scheduling budgets based on occupancy and departures, and much more. Please read this entire page to setup your Hotel properly. 

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At each property, the responsibility of managing employee records, including adding and removing staff, assigning positions, and updating job codes, typically falls to a designated individual, often the Director of Finance or Controller.
  • HLO pulls data from both ShiftForce and ADP
  • Review HLO Shifts versus Approved hours 
  • Review HLO Daily and Weekly Recap Reports 

Step 1: Adding Employees

  • Login to your ShiftForce account, reset your password if needed. Your email address is your ID. 
  • Go to the Scheduler tools, found on the left navigation menu.
    • Adjust your scheduler view to "BY EMPLOYEE" > and click ADD STAFF +
    Sonesta Adding Staff 


The arrival and departure numbers entered into HLO's DREV play a crucial role in determining the approved labor budget and achieving financial targets.



HLO numbers




Time Periods: What are they? Watch video:




Creating a Shift Definition: The building blocks of your schedule. Watch video:





Creating your Schedule, using filters and adjusting views. Watch Video:




Printing Schedules! Watch Video:




Creating Schedule Template. Watch Video:




Publishing Shifts by Dept made easy.

Watch video: