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Getting Started with ShiftForce Scheduler

Sonesta Employee Scheduler Set Up 

ShiftForce provides Hotel Labor Optimization and Employee Scheduling tools. 

Sonesta requires you to use ShiftForce to post employee schedules. The system is designed to offer scheduling budgets based on occupancy and departures, and much more. 

Presently, only ONE person from each Sonesta location has been added to ShiftForce. It is your responsibility to add the other managers to ShiftForce yourself. Once a manager is added, they will be asked to validate their email and login. 

Use the help articles and videos on this page (left navigation) to learn how to use ShiftForce basic functions. 

Scheduling Manager (whomever creates weekly schedules) Getting Started Scheduling Employees 

  1. We have pre-added Positions and Workgroups to your Sonesta Location 
  2. Add Employees and assign them positions to work
  3. Create Shifts! And, you can start creating schedules. 

Scheduler Set Up Guide